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Q: What is The {Breastfeeding} Initiative?
A: We are a team of two mamas out to normalize breastfeeding. We are in the process of self publishing our first children's book about breastfeeding. Our mission in simple. Beautiful images, simple text, reminding our children that breastfeeding is merely another normal activity that most babies do during everyday activities.

A little more on the mamas behind this project
Leslie Karst: A stay at home mom of two breastfeeding boys. I was inspired to make this book after trying to find a children's breastfeeding book for my son while I was pregnant. After not finding one I decided to take on the challenge. Once I found Heidi and learned her passion for the cause this little dream started becoming a reality. Please join us in this very exciting process.

Heidi Helser: Mama and photographer. I have always been passionate about breastfeeding and was thrilled when Leslie contacted me about starting this project with her. Photographing breastfeeding! Two of my favorite thing all rolled up into one dreamy journey. Thanks for joining us and watching our journey unfold!

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