Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mama Stories *off to a rough start*

This weeks story is from Megan. A great story of how sometimes breastfeeding can start off a bit rough but sometimes with a little persistence and a lot of help you can make it through. Keep reading.

My breastfeeding story started on rough path. Everything I wanted with my first breastfeeding experience with my son went the complete opposite. Long story short, I had pre-eclampisa, I was put on magnesium sulfate which caused complications with my son Grant and his breathing. Because of its side-effects, I wasn't able to breastfed him or even hold him as soon as he was born. They took him away and he ended up spending the night in their special care unit. Because of this, they ended up giving him formula against my wishes. I had to pump colostrum, since I couldn't directly breastfeed him. It was a rough night and I ended up barely sleeping because I couldn't see him or hold him. Finally after 20 hours after he was born, I finally had the chance to breastfed him. It was really tough to get him to stay awake. One of the side-effects of magnesium sulfate is it makes the baby really sleepy. Luckily I had a wonderful support system of family members who showed me every trick in the book to get him to stay awake, like striping his clothes off, tickling the bottom of his foot.

I thought I started to get the hang of the whole breastfeeding thing, but when I went in for his first appointment when he was only 5 days old, I felt crushed when I found out his weight went down to 12 oz. He was 5 pounds and 13 oz. (He has a low birth rate as a result of pre-e) and weighed 5 pounds and 1 oz. I felt crushed when I found out he lost that much weight. I know it's normal for babies to loose weight, but losing almost a pound sent some big warning flags. The ended up finding out that he had jaundice, so I had to take him to the hospital again to go under the blue lights. the doctor seemed really concerned about his weight loss, so they weighed him before he nursed and then after. When they did this, his weight didn't change. It made me feel like a failure that he wasn't getting anything. They ended making me supplement with formula. I hated that I had to resort to formula, I thought I would never have to use formula, and hated that I had to give him formula. But his latch wasn't developed and he wasn't getting enough milk, even though I was producing enough. So for about two weeks I supplemented with formula, and Grant ended up getting back at birth-weight. I kept a feeding log, to track breastfeeding him and giving him formula. Then I started giving him expressed pump milk instead of formula. Then eventually I went back to just breastfeeding him exclusively. At times it was hard, we would have hour long sessions. And at times it was very painful, but as I watched him grow, I knew all the pain was worth it.

The other obstacle of breastfeeding for me, was going back to work. When I went back to work, I had over 80 ounces of pumped milk. At work I found it hard to find time to pump, and pumping started to become very cumbersome. Within a month of going back to work, Grant had gone through what I was pumping everyday and what I had on storage. It was frustrating that I wasn't pumping enough to keep him filled. I ended up taking mother's milk supplements, and drinking mother's tea. I still sometimes only pump enough for the day, but I'm just proud that it's been four months of pumping, and I still am sticking with it.

Now Grant is nearly 7 months old, and I'm still breastfeeding. It's funny because sometimes the sitter has to give him formula, on days that my supply is low, and he is still hungry. On those days, Grant refuses to even take formula. He'll start drinking it, and as soon as he realizes what he is drinking, he spits it out and cries. My child is a formula snob. :) What is also amazes me about breastfeeding, is that Grant is now 17 pounds and 4 oz. He has nearly tripled his weight since birth. It was all to sticking with breastfeeding, despite all the obstacles. Even though I didn't get to breastfeeding Grant right away after birth, I had to give him formula, and pump all the time out of my busy work day, it's totally worth all the pain and annoyance. I usually don't stick with many things, like dieting. But I can proudly say I have stuck with breastfeeding, 7 months strong, and I'm still at it. :)

Thank you again Megan and what a wonderful job overcoming those obstacles.  We know that sometimes breastfeeding can be a struggle and often times it sometimes doesn't come at all. We are here to support one another and hopefully these stories will bring a few of us together and relate as well as sympathise for one another.  What we do have to say is if you are struggling with breastfeeding seek help. Find a local La Leche League or a local lactation consultent they may be able to help. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mama Stories *mama of one breastfeeding two*

This weeks story comes from someone you already know. Our very own Heidi Helser. Have I ever mentioned that Heidi might have the best sense of humor ever? Well keep reading and see what I mean and read about her breastfeeding "career". 

Hello all you beautiful breastfeeding mamas!  You may know me already, I am Heidi Helser, President of The Breastfeeding Initiative and owner of Heidi Helser Photography.  But more importantly, I am Ada's mama.  I have a sweet three year old girl who is the twinkle in my eye and the gray in my hair.  

I proudly breastfed Ada until she was 2.5 years old.  I never thought I would breastfeed as long as I did.  It felt right.  I went with it.  I wanted to sleep through the night and I cut the girl off.  I'm not sure who it was harder for.....  

I love breastfeeding.  No, like.  LOVE, love.  I am proud to have nursed for as long as I did.  I'm okay that Ada never stops touching my boobs and calls them her best friends.  I like it.  Except when she does it in Target and people are looking and then it's awkward.  For everyone.  It happened tonight.

I have a few few things that I am proud of that I have done in my 30 years of living.....  breastfeeding being one of them, but more than just breastfeeding my own child.....  I exclusively breastfed my daughter and pumped for another baby for the first 6 months of my breastfeeding career(yes, it's totally a career).  I was so proud and honored to have supplied another human with breastmilk.  It brought me great joy and lots of laughs.  I was really leaky.  I was always flooding my shirts.  I was really impressed with myself when I could nurse my little lady and then pump 8 ounces on both sides.  I liked to time myself to see how fast I could fill the bottles.  What?  That's weird?  It was pretty awesome.  I feel like I could have won a contest if such a contest existed.

Breastfeeding came so easy to me and my supply was HUGE.  I am so thankful for this.  I was so humbled to have supplied for another mama who was struggling.  I know that breastfeeding doesn't always come easy, it sometimes doesn't come at all.  

The breastfeeding connection comes in all different ways and I am so grateful to have my experience and to have shared with others.  

With so much love,

To view more of Heidi's work and to find out how to book a session with her check out her Facebook page HERE

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mama Stories *Send Life Rafts*

What can we say about this next story? Well for starters get ready to laugh because boy does this highlight the fashionable mother's wardrobe some of us need at the beginning of our journey. As Deb mentions in her story motherhood is not always glamorous and we are so happy to have so many of us relate to that statement. Enjoy.

This photo is me on day 4 of mommyhood from January 2012.  My little one latched well from the beginning (we had a home birth with no complications and lots of skin-to-skin time).  My milk came in almost exactly two days after she was born--I remember waking up on my back feeling like someone had placed two bricks on my chest.  Thanks to her healthy nursing, my supply was strong from the beginning.  So strong, in fact, that I didn't know what to do with all the milk!  I had such a heavy let down on the side she wasn't nursing on that I soaked right through every nursing pad I had stocked up on.  I posted several messages to facebook to the effect of: "Please send life rafts--drowning in milk.  Glug glug glug!"  Luckily, we had a healthy stock of flat cloth diapers, built for absorbency and comfort.  For about 3 weeks I ran around with a cloth diaper shoved down the front of my shirt.  All the photos of me from those early days are oddly lumpy!  Motherhood is not glamorous, more like survival instinct.   It took a while for my supply to level out, although it is still very healthy, and for me (and my little one) to figure out how to manage my let downs.  For a while, I used Milkies to catch the extra on the side she wasn't nursing on, which provided me with a store of milk without having to pump.  Now, I only have the occasional morning where she sleeps long enough to wake me up with bricks on my chest.  I love our nursing time together, but I so sometimes fantasize about a day when I can button my pre-pregnancy shirts again!
Salem, OR

Thank you Deb for this story and I am a very happy that you yet indeed did not drown in breastmilk. 
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*Also Deb mentioned Milkies Milk Savers in her story if you are not familiar with this product check them out HERE. They are a wonderful local company with a great product. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mama stories *Ashley*

We are so excited to bring you our very first weekly Mama Stories feature. This weeks mama is Ashley from beautiful little pieces blog. She is a new mom (her baby boy Forrest is only a week old) and she is sharing her first experiences with breastfeeding. What better way to start of this series than with someone new to this adventure. Good luck Ashley you are doing great!

My breastfeeding story began while I was pregnant. As a first time mom, I had so much advice from people dictating what I should do for my child. There were so many options as in how to take care of a newborn; what products to buy, what brand name to get, which advice was the best, and it was somewhat overwhelming to get so many different feedback. Among this, I was confident about one thing and knew what I wanted to do when my son was born. It was to breastfeed him, and I was pretty vocal about this. To my surprise, I was met with some negative light regarding breastfeeding. I was told that it was going to hurt, it was going to be difficult, it was too demanding of a schedule, there was some dislike about breastfeeding in the public, some cautioned me that my boobs were going to leak, and it was not going to feel natural to me since I had never done this before. It could have easily swayed me from my decision. Fortunately, I ignored the negative message and remained optimistic that it was going to work out. At the same time, I was not naive. I knew it was going to be a novel concept and may be difficult for me in the beginning. It helped to have several friends that have had breastfed their babies, to read positive stories online about breastfeeding, and have support from a mommy group about this. 

A week ago, I gave birth to my son, Forrest Gray, and he was laid on my stomach while my heart was swelling with love. Who knew that love would have tripled at the sight of a newborn at the delivery? A nurse encouraged me to breastfeed Forrest following the birth. With a bit of help and guidance; my son was able to latch on with no problem, and I nursed him. It was the most empowering moment in my life to be able to nurse my son. The bond I had, at that very moment, with Forrest was a very beautiful moment. 

Even though I have been a mother only for a week and half, breastfeeding is one thing that I feel most confident about. It is a decision that I do not regret making for my son and myself. 

Can any of you remember that first moment, when you laid eyes on your baby? What a beautiful experience. Thank you Ashely for sharing your story and if you wish to read more about her and her beautiful baby boy check out her blog HERE. 

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