Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Year

We don't often use this platform for personal stories but heck why not? The picture above is of my son Wolf and myself moments after he was born. This little boy was six weeks early and gave us a bit of a scare with his early arrival. Luckily he was perfectly healthy and only spent a few hours in the NICU. I have to admit that when the word "preemie" came around there was an immediate fear that came over me especially in the breastfeeding department. I was fortunate that I delivered in a very breastfeeding friendly hospital and they completely encouraged skin to skin and nursing on demand. That is exactly what I did and to be honest besides being out in public there was a no shirt policy in our house for the first six weeks of his life. I was very fortunate that there were very minimal speed bumps in our breastfeeding relationship. 

Fast forward to a year later and we are still breastfeeding and he could not he healthier. We have entered the VERY distracted nursing session stage and if any of you have nursed a toddler you know what I am talking about. But I would not have it any other way. I am so happy to continue my breastfeeding relationship with my baby.  

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