Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mama Stories *when it doesn't work out*

This weeks mama story was submitted my Lindsay.  

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was so excited to be able to nurse! I knew it would be best for baby AND for me! It’s something only mom can give to baby. SO when it didn’t work, I was really bummed.
There were many factors as to why nursing didn’t go well.

  1.  I had a c-section. Women who have c-sections need a little more time to develop essential      hormones that are needed for breastfeeding.
  2. I had severe trauma to my body. Because my body went through so much, it took 7 days for my milk to REALLY come in enough to nurse Drake.
  3.  Nipple Shield. Drake WOULD NOT LATCH. We tried EVERYTHING in the hospital. The nurses helped me so much, but we all decided, TOGETHER, that I needed the shield. I would nurse him using the shield (granted nothing was coming out) and then pump to stimulate production. Eventually, my colostrum came in (on the third day) and he could get that through the shield. Just having the shield does not help production. It inhibits it. I tried every day to get him off the shield! He wasn’t having it.
  4. . Drake was not a great nurser. It was taking him over an hour EVEN at 7 weeks. I would get done nursing him, have 20 minutes boob-free, then get to nurse him again. It made doing ANYTHING impossible.
I tried everything- extra pumping (which made me insane), supplements, manual stimulation, EVERYTHING. Nothing seemed to help us. We were all really frustrated, lots of tears in our house.
I’m really lucky though. Drake was a great bottle-taker from day 1 and my husband could help feed him so I could pump. I was a REALLY successful pumper. (up to 6 oz at the end of my nursing career). I am also lucky that My husband was so supportive. From day 1, we had to supplement a bit. I was totally fine with that. Some babies don’t get it right away! When I finally realized that I JUST. COULDN’T. DO. IT. ANYMORE, he was amazing. He supported me through it all. I had great family support and friend support.
I stopped breastfeeding Drake at 7 weeks. I continued to pump for about 1-2 weeks. Now I’m close to dry. It was a really hard decision and I feel guilty still, but I had to do it for everyone’s sanity. It was frustrating for all parties involved and it was not helping our case.

Thank you Lindsay for your heartfelt story. It is a great reminder that breastfeeding is an emotional subject and sometimes is doesn't work out. While we are a breastfeeding company we are here to lift and support all moms that are doing the best they can to raise their little ones in the best way possible based on circumstance.

**are you having trouble breastfeeding? Please remember you are not alone contact your local LLL or seek the help of a lactation consultant, good luck mamas**

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