Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mama Stories *Send Life Rafts*

What can we say about this next story? Well for starters get ready to laugh because boy does this highlight the fashionable mother's wardrobe some of us need at the beginning of our journey. As Deb mentions in her story motherhood is not always glamorous and we are so happy to have so many of us relate to that statement. Enjoy.

This photo is me on day 4 of mommyhood from January 2012.  My little one latched well from the beginning (we had a home birth with no complications and lots of skin-to-skin time).  My milk came in almost exactly two days after she was born--I remember waking up on my back feeling like someone had placed two bricks on my chest.  Thanks to her healthy nursing, my supply was strong from the beginning.  So strong, in fact, that I didn't know what to do with all the milk!  I had such a heavy let down on the side she wasn't nursing on that I soaked right through every nursing pad I had stocked up on.  I posted several messages to facebook to the effect of: "Please send life rafts--drowning in milk.  Glug glug glug!"  Luckily, we had a healthy stock of flat cloth diapers, built for absorbency and comfort.  For about 3 weeks I ran around with a cloth diaper shoved down the front of my shirt.  All the photos of me from those early days are oddly lumpy!  Motherhood is not glamorous, more like survival instinct.   It took a while for my supply to level out, although it is still very healthy, and for me (and my little one) to figure out how to manage my let downs.  For a while, I used Milkies to catch the extra on the side she wasn't nursing on, which provided me with a store of milk without having to pump.  Now, I only have the occasional morning where she sleeps long enough to wake me up with bricks on my chest.  I love our nursing time together, but I so sometimes fantasize about a day when I can button my pre-pregnancy shirts again!
Salem, OR

Thank you Deb for this story and I am a very happy that you yet indeed did not drown in breastmilk. 
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*Also Deb mentioned Milkies Milk Savers in her story if you are not familiar with this product check them out HERE. They are a wonderful local company with a great product. 

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